What do you do with your time?

How do you pass the moments of your life? Moments shape our destiny. Our future. Our children's future. We speak of inheritance as a monetary substance. It's not. Inheritance is the air around us. The looks between us. The love we share. The memories that embed themselves into our brain on a random Tuesday as [...]

The Light Keepers

9:23 pm. Tuesday night. Before the storm. The streets are dark. Clear. No traffic. Silence is disturbed only by an occasional dog barking at a stranger on her bike. I spy Orion. Regal. Radiant. Reliable. Three dots for a belt. The entire sky is full of stars tonight but I hone in immediately on him. [...]

Life is a Story

When I awoke this morning, six year old Maggie was already dressed and had helped Juli out of her crib. In the living room, she brushed her sister's hair. "Mommy, isn't she soooo beautiful!" she gushed. Two year old Juli beamed so hard at her big sister and clapped her hands. Now Maggie is reading [...]