Lisa Cole on Akashic Books

Teachers Make a Lasting Impact

During a 45 minute elementary classroom observation today, I was treated to a theatrical, energetic ELA teacher with an obvious love for what she does. The children, 23 of them, were dissecting their recent chapter of Treasure Island while learning about character development, building imagery with words, prequels vs. sequels, and how the opinions of [...]

The Rhinestone Cowboy

Yesterday I took a road trip to Augusta, GA, with my Mom and Dad. And the best part of a road trip with 70somethings? Decades old memories that arise. Especially as we were squeezing through some big rigs doing 80 down I-20. DAD: “Hey you think those truckers still talk on CBs?” ME: “Hrmm.... it’s [...]

Mama’s Backpack

She giggles and calls herself “Mama’s Backpack”, happy to hop on and tag along wherever I go. She never complains. Seldom cries. I can count on two hands the number of meltdowns she’s ever had. She’s obedient to the point that it’s humorous. And a tad frightening. Perhaps the universe just took mercy on me [...]

Hugs Every Morning

The clock on the microwave read 7:23 am. Three year old Juli, wearing bedhead and a night tee, walked up and whimpered “Somssing...hurt...me.” She tried to crawl in my lap. Then stopped. Dressed in a night shirt, I was rummaging around an overflowing laundry basket hunting pants for my 7 year old because she grew [...]

I Regretted Being a Stay at Home Mom

Beyond grief, jealousy may be the darkest emotion to stumble upon. And with furious fighting, faster bleeds the wound. Sept. 30, 2007: CSD, a national deaf communications non-profit, finalized SC layoffs. The next few days were spent packing up equipment alongside Juli, my boss. "GA to SKSK" she joked, spouting insider slang. Snapping one last [...]