Those Were the Days

An infant’s wail shattered the morning. My eyes dart up from the last bite of chicken biscuit and settle on a couple frozen in place 15 feet away. The crying persists. An old, familiar tingle rises in my chest at the unexpected sound of a baby’s cry, forcing me to wrap my arms around myself. It’s […]

Mama, 75 Years Old

Today is my Mama’s 75th birthday. Her name is Priscilla. The second of nine born to a mill village worker and his beloved wife in 1942 era Winnsboro, SC. The United States had just entered World War 2. Pearl Harbor was bombed when Mama was in utero. Her earliest childhood memories involve air raid sirens, […]

Stolen High Heels

There’s a certain pair of my high heels that Maggie keeps stealing. The four inch ones. Dark brown. Peep toe. With silver studs. I often catch her clunking around the house with them on. It always annoys me. And I snap at her. I tell her to stop. To leave my shoes alone. Because shoes […]