Two Words to Define Your Parenting Legacy

What two words describe the legacy you hope to pass on to your children? 

In other words, if someone asked your children years from now “What were your parents were like?” or “How did they make you feel?”, what would you want them to say?

MINE: “Supported. Exposed.”

I want my four to remember the laughter. 

The floor under their feet. 

The hand in their hand. 

The person behind them. 

The experiences. 

The smiles. 

The sense of wonder. 

Car rides. 


I want them to remember that no matter what we did, we were there for them. 

Together, as a family. 

When they tick back through their childhood memories of activities and events, I want them to remember their parents’ faces glancing back at them. Their siblings cheering them on from the side line. 

The roughness. The tiredness. The fullness. The variety of experiences. 

Because to me, support empowers children to become better adults. A solid foundation of support, alongside a legacy of exposure to different ideas, customs, and experiences provides a wealth of tools to make it through adulthood. 

Or at least, I hope it will. 

Published by Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole is a freelance writer and social media specialist skilled in non-profit marketing and grass roots advertising. This mother of four weaves humor, emotion and depth into stories about parenthood and life in the American South.

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