Juli Lost a Body Part

Juli lost her first body part today. 

A couple weeks back, the kids slammed one of the heavy wooden oak doors on Juli’s finger causing the nail to bruise up and turn black. And today the whole nail came off. She screamed out and cried when it finally pulled away from the last snatch of skin this morning. 

I may have screamed out and cried with her. I imagine the fresh raw bed suddenly exposed stung quite a bit. 

Then we had a big huge snuggle fest, where I wiped away her toddler’y tears and found a tiny bandaid for her exposed nailbed. 

And then she said “Dop.”

And shook her head no as she removed the bandaid. 

And with that, I sat her back on the floor, feet first, and she toddled away, carefully protecting her tiny hand. 

One day she will come home from college and flash newly manicured nails at me….and I’ll see her perfectly polished right hand ring finger and remember today. 

But she won’t.

Published by Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole is a freelance writer and social media specialist skilled in non-profit marketing and grass roots advertising. This mother of four weaves humor, emotion and depth into stories about parenthood and life in the American South.

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