Excited for Camping 2015

Tent camping at Table Rock State Park
Tent camping at Table Rock State Park


It’s April!

Here in mid-SC, wisteria is blooming everywhere, azaleas are all over and happy children (and parents) are packing away coats and pulling out tank tops and flip flops.

With so much beauty surrounding us, we can’t help but be excited that Camping 2015 Season is almost here!

Pretty soon we will be hitting up the hiking trails, slapping at mosquitoes and firing up the BBQ pit.

So far on our schedule for this summer we have backyard camping, a weekend trip to Kings Mountain State Park with the cubscouts, a few days return to Table Rock, and our very first primitive camping experience at Cape Lookout, NC where we will be setting up camp for 4 days on the beach!

This year we will be using this blog to chronicle the ups and downs of camping life with a large family and young children. Last year, we experienced a 12 hour long pounding, drenching downpour during one weekend campout. Trees were even heard crashing down the mountains nearby!

What will we experience this year? Stay tuned!

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